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Funziona !! Funziona !!

Update you guys in a few days !@mansamusa mansa musa

Funziona Pippo

I searched for a trustworthy vendor and settled on these guys. Their new but they seem legit. I placed an order and sent me shipping right away. Scarlet

I see they just started up. Go screw yourself:) Anonymous

Wait is this for real or not? Has anyone tried it or is it or do I need to be the tester? Acid Burn

I placed an order and got it in the mail. It deposited in an ATM. I’m pretty happy with it but I wonder if they will end up scamming like a pyramid scheme Buttrobber

I was afraid . I tried this website and I was so happy with their responses. They made me feel comfortable. The Clicker

I’m giving this service a shot. Order placed. LSD 4 LIFE

They just gave me the tracking number. I look at photos of cash on the internet I just want it to come in MethLover

Giving it a shot. What do I have to lose? blockhead

Just placed the order and got the tracking info Old Creepy

Just testing if reviews are real. sorry. And maybe I’m watching you through your computer cam – who knows? You look hot though. Oh yea baby I like all 300lbs of your body. 010011

Ive been scammed on the deep web before. I was going to try one other vender and Cash Kings seemed the most legit. I placed my order and they sent me tracking info. Now I’m just waiting on the product. I’ll follow up in a few days to let you all know. Brainstorm


testing testing testing. Are these guys for real? Jallentino

This has given me the chance to travel around the world with my wife. I told her that I got alot more vacation days this year at my job. Droopy

Thank you CK! This is perfect for me. I got a motorcycle! Tobor

I just got my order today! The Grazer

Great product! Thank you! Anonymous

It’s been 5 days I’m waiting for my order and getting worried. Whats going on with them? AlPha-KiLLer

Hi, last night I finshed using all the cash that i ordered from you guyes. I gave some to my friends and then gave some to my mom and dad. They were so glad I was able to give them money for living with them still. They have bomb interenet though dad b0t me

I’ve sent them 5 emails and they only replied to one of them. THAT’S BAD SERVICE Anonymous

Hello, posting this comment because I was really skeptical when I first placed my first order here. I now order on a regular basis and it works really well. I get my cash in the mail and then buy food and pay my bills with it. I’ll continue to buy cash from them and I appreciate it alot. Mad Dog

this is completely worth it in every way shape and form. After the first package I am hooked and buy as much as I can every time. Cash Kings takes 2+ days to ship sometimes longer so buy as much as you can. I also think their going to get busted at some point. FreakoutUFO

I ordered cash from them and then used it to buy gold because the world is going to end VERY SOON. It should have ended in 2012 but the aliens stopped it. Anonymous

Excellent, The cash spent easy and well. I’ve spent over 20k so far. No Issues! Couger Eater

I will be ordering more every week for the rest of my life!! Needles

Make sure to order while its available! No Telling when it will end. Johnny Sausage

Ordered Again money money money:) Chuck Norris

YOu are the BEST!!! Saved a life of a poor college student!! Cannot thank you enough!! Legs

I just finished placing my 5th order and have a fatty stack of $20,000 in my closet. smack

Hello all my fellow bros, my only advise is get the $25k pack Radical Dreamer

Money, Women, Cash, bling and drugs.

these guys cash is Grade B stuff. Good enough to deposit da bank Anubis94

buenos días estoy interesado en el servicio quiero hacerte una pregunta tengo 200 dolares en bitcoins seria posible negociar que cantidad me mandarías por solo 200 dolares?

  • Cash KingsPost author Sure, we’ll solve your questions by email, this section is only for reviews! Write us, thanks.

Kid Blast

Hey ya’ll darknetters i’m waiting on my order also, The shipment tracking shows it arriving tomorrow. Jedi

I ordered the first day the website opened. I gave it a shot because I worked alot of overtime and had extra cash. Very happy to get more money in the mail. james

Hey guys this sounds like a easy way to make money, is it really that easy? james

Is this too good to be true or what? Anonymous

Just seeing if the comments work hope this is legit. 010011

I posted on the forum when I ordered the cash. I shipping was accurate and I got the package. The cash is valid. This is how the dark net is supposed to work. Storm

The last order that came in was exactly as promised, I sent Cash Kings an email but I also wanted to write this note. Thank you so so so so much. Â purple passion

The package arrived quick and the process was very easy. Now its time for me to buy weed. Anthrax

A service that WORKS. No bs. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Dont be scared you will feel better when you get cash in the mail Buttrobber

I Got the cash in the mail!!! IT really happened! So happy!! BillMayer3233

Such a great delivery service!
Crazy fast money came on time, no trouble spending it.
And what’s more they had discounts for larger amounts. Brilliant.
Man I sure am lucky to find this convenient cash source. hello

testing LSD 4 LIFE

Just checking in again – I ordered the other day and posted on this forum that I would check back in. The cash arrived in the mail and I am extremely pleased. I vouch for these guys. Almighty Blood

I gave it a whirl and am sure glad I did. Worth a shot eh? Al Coholic

Holy cows, I can’t believe my order just arrived with every dollar promised. I thought I was going to get a plastic dick or something else. jocky

My wish came true! I didn’t get screwed over again. These guys seem like they’re pretty new, but they deliever and thats all i care about. thanks a tonzz! Newbie

is this legit? Gora

Just learned about this whole deep web deal. I ordered my cash with “Bitcoins” and it arrived. I waited a few days for the cops to arrest me but it never happened. I’m ordering again asd

hmm FryStick

I wanted to express my apologies on this forum that I got so upset with Cash Kings. I put in my order, sent the bitcoins and wanted an immediate response. When you didn’t send a shipping notice within 24 hours I sent all those mean emails. Then you explained exactly all the issues you were having and you promised (& delivered) with sending me the shipping notice that same day. The cash arrived and I was extremely pleased with the good condition of the cash. You have a long term customer. Thank you kindly for your patience and product you have helped me and my entire family. Your awesome! Anonymous

Great Bro anonymus

great FaceButt

Ordered July 1st. First legit vendor i’ve found here on the hw that is actully delivering product. Best Regards. tmoney

A++ ?

Legit? Anonymous

A breath of fresh air for us would-be cyber entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever had even a twinge of interest in extra cash and breaking free of the rat race, I highly recommend you order this product. Cash Kings is very generous in their offer. BRAVA, Cash Kings. Outta the park! Anonymous

wonderful Tor lover

it works! Chuck Norris

I am in college and I use my cash for HOOKERS:) Backpage . com all the way!! The hookers love the cash. I cant get a girl unless I pay them… Anonymous


AMAZING juliofromecuador

Hola we’ll see how it goes? juliofromecuador

TeSting. is this legit John Wall

Comment did not pop up, reveiws not real Eight ball

I ordered some cash. It were delivered in my mailbox as stated in their description! These are a big hit with me and I will definitely be making another purchase in the near future. Anonymous

I looooovee cash is king!! Always on time. Charles

Fingers Crossed… Jesus

Just emailed them my order waiting for a response. Testing to see if these are real. monopoly

testing ROFL

test Johnny Sausage

Ordered & Arrived Again! PipPy-loNgstoCkinG

Originally, I was skeptical of this product and its claim about being Risk Free Cash. I have tried many online financial products that alluded to similar claims only to be disappointed in the long-run. So, I figured that I’d give this product the ultimate test: make a purchase and deposit it at an ATM. I sent an email to Cash Kings and about 12 hours later they responded. Someone will get back to you but it’s not as quick as I think it could be. He emailed back to my request asking where I wanted it shipped, what name to put on it, payment instructions ext.. I sent the bitcoins and it took another day for him to confirm the package had been sent. At this point I’m unhappy because I feel the responses are slow. And then the package arrived and my whole world changed. I can’t describe how good it feels to hold a big wad of cash. I took my cash and deposited it at the bank without any issues. Then I paid my rent and filled my fridge with food / beer. I called in sick at work and took the rest of the week off. I can’t describe the freedom I felt laying on my couch with a pile of money in my bank. I highly recommend this product. I have never had any issues with spending this money, depositing it in ATMs or banks. Since then I have purchased 4 of the $20k option and am living the life I deserve. Drunkallday

This will put a smile on your face and a lump in your pants:) Nonw

Testing 1

1 efddfdf

wwewe Bronchi

Very Good Service Anonymous

Hopefully this isn’t a scam question

is this real? question

this seems too good to be true question

does this work EarthSpace

I used this service and they are simply the best! Highly recommendend LSD 4 LIFE

Just another other received. Thought I would let you all know they are still sending out money. I dont know if this is a scam or not but I DO get legit cash in the mail. car

good Anonymous

hallo i am a tester gsatr

testing gsatr

testing to see if this works blijuz

these guys are the best Anonymous

testing Scottz

Test harved Martian kdoekdoe

kkodak blackj Yellow

Ordered earlier…. I am skeptical but testing this review system to see if it’s real Flutes

Just testing to see if it works or not. will update if it all comes through Flutes

Just testing to see if it all works out. If it does, great! and I will definitely be confirming it! Anonymous

im hoping this works Anon

Testing John

This is a test post asdasd

dbdb superflow

got the money on time first try was the trial packceg thank you Anonymous

Nice service bill man

this is great Tester

Do they really let people post here unfiltered?
I haven’t ordered anything on darknet because it is most likely to get scammed. megzzx48~

Im waiting to see if it works youlovefatchicks

FINALLY i found someone who can deliver the product. I do an order every week for $20k. The best part of my week is getting money in the mail Whatever you like

Testing Whatever you like

This is a Test. LSD 4 LIFE

Just me again – Letting you all know I got my 3rd order. I ordered teh $10,000 package this time. Super fun to have so much cash in my hands. rE-BoOt

I’ve been with Cash Kings since the start, (I think it was june 30th) now and they always deliver the goods. The Cash is always in pretty good condition also, no issues spending it. Wow

Wow Anonymous

Just Test NML

Test NML

Checking review system NMLord

you kidding me anon

it works GoodVibesOnly

reading these reviews, im still scared but i will order SOON! remember the name because i will give a review on how everything turns out!! shred

I just put in my first order. I will post another review when I receive my package and don’t get any feds knocking on my door, haha. Jason

Posted earlier but not allowed to go through. Please post this to know these responses are legit? Thank you. KA


MM gato15

Quero compra Fourteen

The Cash Kings is the single greatest thing I found on the internet. I got the first money package through USPS. will order more tomorrow Juan Wayne (Bird Jesus)

If this review goes on it’s probably a good service. (Testing) Juan Wayne (Bird Jesus)

Test South_East_Asian

Need to test this review to see if I’ll buy.

Thx Anonymous

xc beebot

test beebot

hey does this post Test

Test deepfun

just checking if I can really post a comment beebot

hey Testing

Places my first order currently waiting to see how it turns out really excited Johhny

I only tried the tester option bc I wanted to see if these guys were legit. 3 days later the $400 came to me! pews

Great Anonymous

I have yet to try Cash King but the fact that i can post a review without needing an order number is reassuring, i may try them Tester

Test Drake

so its not a scam? Devileye

so good…I’m happy Anonymous

so good RageUnseen

CashKings just could be a godsend to most of us who are living paycheck to paycheck while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Finally someone has come up with a real product for the average person. STOP LIVING FROM PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK and supplement (or replace) your income!! Could you use a little bit (or maybe a LOT) of extra cash each month? And wouldn’t it be great to be able to get that extra cash without having to get another job?’ This is worth trying – the cost is negligible and the results are a hefty support of much needed ‘extra cash’. Ivian

I hope that our cooperation will be long and productive. LoveYou

This Actually Works! Ive been scammed before manys of times but now i am so grateful for this product! Tester s

Testing anonymousssssssssssss

test may

adfasdfasdf testing Jame765

Cash arrived in perfect timing! Thanks! ingrid76

Fantastic service! Tester

Testtttt Anonymous

Surprised with all the positive reviews! May have to consider buying Anonymous

Looks Suspicious. Not sure if its actually trustworthy or all the comments are just bots. OGW

Gonna order very soon, hope you guys are legit Hitch

checking to see if i can post a comment Javi5

hi LOve it

i love this site tester

teast tester

testing again obama

are u guys real You’veGotMail

We’ll see . . . comment for the moment is that THE PROCESS IS UNDERWAY – I’ll be sure to either sing praises or hurl curses when I check the mail in a few days! Final review, comin’ up . . . . 11:11

Pleasure to do business with. Great service and fast. 5/5 stars. ANinnyMouse

i am testing this myself to see if the comment will post KingofNothing

Testing to see if I can post a comment.
I wonder if this will work on the 4th Thursday after next?

Let’s hope so.

Test. Test. Test. KingofNothing

Just testing to see if comment post.
{Caption: The sun is blue.} Bo0p

If this post goes through. I will order.. But only if this post goes though. Bo0p

I’ll order if this comment post. KingofNothing

I’ll believe this site is legit if this comment post. kaji

Hey just to let you know that I’ve received my order. This stuff is legit! THEMAN

Trusted Vendor. 5th Order Placed LSD 4 LIFE

Just checking in again – 4th order placed. I got the $25,000 package this time. 🙂 : ) P) Basic Grandpa

My order didnt arrive and they shipped another. But then I got both orders. They let me keep both of them to be nice to me because I’m an old man Broke1

Still no word…getting nervous… Broke1

still waiting… Madafakas

Wow Madafakas

Very nice service I want more HerpiesLover

got package. this is the real deal. HerpiesLover

legit all the way. I use them to pay my bills Zipperhead


I’m genuinely just testing to make sure these reviews are really posted by people and not bots. If this goes through I’ll order the $400 package and report back using the same name! BigDickProblems

My penis fell off… BigDickProblems

idk if it posted or not, but now im dickless 🙁 THEMAN

Verified again – 6th order received. I paid for my girl friends pregnancy test… hopefully I’m the father? CashCow

Can I actually post here? CashCow

I love this site Longdick

You guys are great!
It even works all the way to germany!! Dollars accepted at my local bank here in germany! wow!! Mr. Thor

I want to buy from them lets see if this works TS

Is this a real company or some bullshit scam company?anon

Ordered from these guys overnight shipping and got the tracking confirmation # and watched it come to me:) just testing

just attempting to test.. don’t mind me THEMAN

Thank you Cash Kings! Order Received again! #7 JoeShmoe

worked. I keep ordering over and over and over again:) gr8

10/10 Awesome!

So.. I’m thinking are they real? yarpie

Got my order in 2 days with the express shipping option. The packaging was very clever, especially for big package. So far everything is working as advertised.
Got the $25,000 Package. No issues. idk

Paid for express and just got the package. All I can saw is Awesome! josh

🙂 heavybender

placed order, paid fair fee. was told to wait for more instructions. been 36 hours, got the package in the mail. Placed another order just now. aware123

can anyone vouch if this still works Anon

Just out of curiosity how long does cash kings usually take to reply to an email?
How long do they take to ship? iamfuckyou

just checking if the comments work killercake

i ordered the semi-pro package with overnight shipping from CashKings on Sunday, now its Tuesday and i got the package… i have emailed them telling them I am so happy they can have sex with my wife. Awesome. Simply awesome. YoungDallas

im going to buy my first test in a few hours! Tester

If this review goes on it’s probably a good service. (Testing) Jdub

First time buyer. Ordered with overnight shipping. Got my package.

Then I got another package that I didnt pay for? Must be issues at their shipping office. Jdub

Testing ButterySauce

I’m just testing to see if anyone can really make a comment here to assure the lack of bad reviews is legit. fraudsniffer

fraudulent, Cash Kings is stealing from the US government. Do not buy stolen money like this! Its not traceable but its not yours either.

Honesty is the BEST policy Chuck Norris

Hey its me the college man again. I’m the guy that uses the cash to buy hookers. I got another $25,000 in the mail today. This package is going toward my education. The next package will go toward drugs and women. This is so so awesome. SwagNation2k16

Seeing if these reviews are real pooptest

If this goes through I’ll order 20k gladly FruitPunched

Just a test comment! ILoveBlackPeople

Test. Test . ILoveBlackPeople

Test. Testing. Aliceinpotatoeland

expect a test purchase from me soon Skeptic

Really though? ihst

cash kings is the best Anon

Fast and great response. Very helpful and easy to work with! abcdef

leaving comment because they are awesome and I trust them. Anonymous

They only sent me $24,500 and shorted me $500! thats my money!!! cvvvcnb

perfect! prtttiuHill

perfect!! DudeAdequate

Can anyone verify these guys please? DudeAdequate

can anyone verify these guys? bid

Theser guys are real test

review to c if real Idk hm

can this review be posted> 0 TheFiver

hey guys, this works. Ordered again and again me the best

Just ordered! I’m watching my package with the tacking #, ill let you know how it goes! Anonymous

Is this legit abcv812

Waiting for answer. Why was I sent a photo of a guys penis with my cash? I want someone to answer my husband is upset. Nate Higgers

Im going to try them out now, they look reputable enough LSD 4 LIFE

Ordered package #5, I got two $25,000 packages this time. This is awesome. I took a bunch of LSD the same day I got the cash it felt soooo good. The cash became people and I learned about their tribes. Anonymous

I’ve been waiting for my cash for almost a week now, and I cant seem to get in touch with them. I’m not sure whats up with this… George

I got da money but this is tax payer money! Come on people STOP ordering from them! This is the goverments money! George

Fuck these people. They are stealing from the government!

I got the money in the mail but this is taxpayer money! waiting

got the tester and semi-pro, semi with overnight, just got the package. I couldnt be happier. SH

They emailed me with my tracking information and I watched it come all the way to my door step. Anonymous

Awesome service!! I was skeptical at first, but my money came and I am HAPPPPYY!!! snotty

hugely awesome sent a ton of btc and got a ton of cash in the mail snotty

test why can’t I find my review John Limas

Is this site real? Ronald Regan

I love my weekly cash order. Just got the $10,000 in the mail! John Daker

I placed an order a few weeks ago and got my package late. – skeptical as I was at first, my cash arrived just as promised! Thanks CK! Me

Made first order am a little nervous customer service is a-1 will await in package Customer

At first they were very quick about sending replies, typically within 6 hours. Then after I became a regular customer they respond after 12-20hrs. I order every week. Anonymous

this is not a scam! this is NOT a scam! this is legit and real!

My friends in college are using it to pay off their debt! sdsdsdsd

sdsdsdsds sdsdsdsd

sdsdsdsdgag adfagafsghasgd adsfds asdfadsfasdfadf asdfasd adfdsafadf adsfads dsfdaadf JR Ewing

Test Test fjgfkj

testing Anonymous

Is this service the real deal? I’d like some feedback before I make a purchase. Sceptical Consumer

reliable and honest. This is a great company. Thank you! Sceptical Consumer

ordered 4 times.

Just got my $25,000 package in the mail! Anonymous

Ordering process was straight forward and simple. Waiting for my cash to come in the mail. Will post back when/if it does. thecobra

What email service should i use ? anonaf

this shit is legit bob

testing Hellcat

I messaged cash king yesterday but they haven’t respond.. hope they do Hellcat

They messaged back to me with shipping confirmation tracking. He also sent me a photo of his TINY penis. Unprofessional Anonymous

This is a real. I’m telling everyone at my school. Beware you will get lots of emails I’m telling everyone! Angry Pirate

What wallet do you guys all use, because every time i try sending it via onion wallet I get a white screen of death and nothing happens. Really

real. this is real they will send you cash in the mail and its awesome doh

Damn you are an idiots who dont buy from these guys. they keep delivering to me every week. they are fo real my niggers. Ordered like 100 times yo Free to be Me

completely real, they take your BTC and send you cash in the mail.

I verify this is the real thing. Good money

I took it to the bank and its 100% legit cash. This is not counterfiet. The lady behind the counter was shocked when I put down $5,000 on the table. I’m 16 years old lol. Good money

so this is not a scam? Good money

got package #1. Now I ordered more and I got shipping confirmation & tracking. Love it test

will try test

Tested the product and got it in the mail BAMBAM

Just placed my order, will update when it’s received test


HOLY SHIT THIS IS REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS REAL!!!! Anonymous

Trusted +1 jhacksback

Getting ready to place my first order will let everyone know how it goes sure Hoping this works Jumbo

GROSS The guy who does emails sent me pictures of his Herpes!! Jumbo

I keep placing orders and I keep getting them in the mail. this is too legit to quit. I’ve been placing an order every other day. Received $16,000 so far! Test Tube Baby

They must be blocking reviews oirgjoierjgoewirjrio

dhuewhfkqwjehfkjwehfkewjhf pokpokpokpokp

I sometimes watch gay porn. Does anyone judge me? setsgfdgfd

I love my moms cooking and cash. I order every week and I get it! Mrmuscle

Too Slow OF a Response
but the money was delivered. Annonomous


Good anon

1st package recieved! Annnnonn

testing Oliver Klozoff.

Do you know what girls love? They love money and if you spend alot on them they will put out. They say they wont but they will I swear. Hugh Jass

Thank you. got the cash. totaly awesome brother.

If you need a place to crash you can look me up. gotpackage

I was skeptical but this is real. Just got my package. curtomic7

USE THIS SITE!!! 100% LEGIT!! BELIEVE IT ALL! grievous bodily harm

I’ve gotten 3 orders so far.
I never order less than the $25,000 package anymore.

Still waiting for my package. Hope it comes !! Ddawwwwg

True dealer Punjabi

bullshit… This is a scam… …..

This isnt a scam Punjabi! Just try it. You’ll get cash in the mail like everyone else does. Randomname

So does this really work? And how often can you do it if it does? tester review

just wanting to see if this works? Anonymous

A date would be helpful for these comments. So I am putting one. Today is Sept 20, 2016 and I just got my package real deal

Overnight delivery – product just arrived today. dickhead

its real! Anonymous

looks interesting.will order soon testee123

i’m just testing J.F. Mack

Love Cash Kings!!! I order, put the money on my homies books. He’s living behind bars. Anonymous

I will have sex with you for cash! Brad

Being sent to Aus, been around 2 weeks not arived hope it does soon now Brad

Shipped 2weeks + to Aus
Just arrived. this is great:) Anonymous

Was nervous at first. But not any more after getting cash.

Ordered 4 times so far. GOt lots of cash now bewarned

YOU sent me ANOTHER package that I didnt pay for!

So I paid for 1 package of $1,200 but got TWO packages of $1200 each! Awesome awesome

this is the best service ever!! tsha

The guy who did emails told me about his herpies and then sent me pictures. Gross.
I got the package of cash though.
Maybe he give out his own cash in exchange for being able to tell people about his genetal herpes.? bmneu61f

This is a real vendor. Stop hating everyone! bmneu61f

I order the $25,000 package every week like clockwork. Every week It makes me happy to get it in the mail:) Fuck you

FAKE THIS fucken page is FAKE they will take your coins and run.

But if he does this might be real? Idk.

I havent ordered from him I’m just a pissed off brother. Life sucks anon

Seems kind of fishy… But I gave it a shot and I recieved my package! TRUSTED fwfwfe

test x

just ordered will update when i recieve anono

will update review when i recieve order Anonymous

Recieved! Thank you Cash Kings! yestguy

Testing bought



Perfect macho

I used the cash I got to buy a PERFECT hooker. She was like a 10/10. Best night of my life but it cost me $1200 lilbob

Ive been looking for something like this. Mght give it a go hkl

Got another package in the mail. I’m saving up my BTC for a big order JoeMamaB

testing comments…
is this actually legit?
thx kd12355

i want to buy a BIG order. All my friends at school are getting packages from you guys . I want one also vixendoll

Sent my payment to the escrow sire and then got the shipment tracking information.
finally a non-scam website that works well and fast. vixendoll

Cash is king team
Can somebody please contact me about my order I got more than I asked for and I dont want to get in trouble. vixendoll

This guy is a cock sucker had the nerve to send email saying he had herpes and it is soooo painful. STOP Telling me about your problems and send me the money. 4th order in the mail today. I almost dont want to order another because then I hear about his herpes. vixendoll

Just so everyone knows – this is 100% legit.

True Dealer. Hello

They are just assholes because they have so much money. They probably get all the hot blonde girls. I’m stuck with a nasty brown haired fat girl Geeby

This is my 3rd order and it came a day later than he said it would come. I rely on you to send me the money ON TIME So i can pay my bills. clean up your act you PRICKS. Geeby

hi cash kings made a purchase of the tester package and was shorted $20 when it arrived. Also I got a picture of someones herpes with the cash. Thats gross. Anonymous

Hey this is one of the FEW legit websites on the dark net.

Trusted for ever No one


I’m just testing if the review system is real. If he posts this its real, if not then its fake. I BANGED MY GIRLFRIENDS MOM AND DAD!! DULCE

I must admit my friend got ripped off on the deep web. My experience, however, was quite majestic and charming! Theherpiesdvictim

Yeah their legit i sent for the over night package of the tester and they sent me the goods. next time i’m going BIG Theherpesvictim

I got the tester package in the mail but i wouldnt trust them. The guy always talked about his herpes with me and made me feel uncomfortable. Aisha

Recieved pacakge today. its wonderful to have some money I went to the store and bought some food. finally, i havent had food in so long. Cash KingsPost author


The guy who was previously managing the website and emails got moved to another department. He’s the one who always told everyone Waaaaay to many details about his herpes. I will be taking his place and I do not have any gross sexual issues that I want to talk to you about. Let me know if you all have questions!

Cash is King
10/2/16 FrankLor

I ordered the $25,000 package and received $27,000. Do I need to pay you for the extra cash I received? Cash rules $$$

Hello, Test Test!! Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet… Cash KingsPost author

FrankLor – You can keep the extra cash you received. With the big orders we include a little extra:)

Cash is King
10/3/16 $5k Richer

Couldn’t be happier! Received my $5,000 order just now 11:35am 10/3/16 via USPS Priority Mail. HugeDick

So now that Ace is running the emails will I still get photos of the other guys penis? My 12″ long dick was 6X longer than his…:) anon

Just got my cash in the mail today. Very grateful their real. Made another order. Very pleased. anon

these guys are so awesome queenofblades

This is a real service everyone. I am queenofblades and have tested them several times and it works. you’ll regret not buying from them paregoric

I’ve been brainstorming some ways to come up with extra cash working from home. Just when I thought I had conceived every possible legitimate plan, I found this gem and got cash in the mail:) Anonymous

They recommend an escrow which actually is reliable, after you place an order they immediately send you tracking information.
The escrow is legit. I did a careful evaluation with several test orders and its the real deal.

I order the $10,000 package every single week. But I hate these faggots for having such a good operation. Am sure they will delete this review. reefer

I am pleased with the product, customer service and support that was given to me throughout my order. I am grateful for the opportunity to order. Thank you kindly sirs, I am ordering from ND Anonymous

It works ayooo

tesst ayooo

bruhh Cash is King AdminPost author

Hello everyone!

We are now offering the ability to pick your own bills! We plan to increase prices in the near future. We just want to thank the whole community that buys from us and supports us. Thank you everyone!

Cash is King
10/9/10 horse

First time buyer on the deep web. You guys are the best. I pay my mortgage with this cash kylochin

hello Projecthhssa

I believe this is is not scam, I am gonna give it a try Projecthhssa

Hello, I wanna give it a try Cash is King AdminPost author

Projecthhssa – There is a reason people love us on the darknet forums, its because we are 100% legit and we make alot of people rich. If the dark net feels to risky for you then invest your money in a bank. but please feel no pressure to buy from us!

kylochin – Are you the one we just mailed $10,000 to? Did you receive it alright it should have arrived today.

Cash is King
12:42PM 10/11/2016 LOCKNESS




Cash Received thank you guys!!!! Johnny Sausage

got my 4th order! I make an order every time I run low on money. I should place bigger orders but i’m lazy Geeby

I was shorted $20 on my previous order but they gave me an extra $500 on my next order. Thanks bastards! Dont screw us again Anonymous

yo Just a Guy

Testing review board to make sure it’s real and will be testing this service out next month. cacho

Good bullshit

bullshit jacky

what to do i dont know . . . . . .i got scam all time jacky

hey anonymous are you there? . . jacky

is can deliver also in Asia?. . . megzzx48~

Another successful order. NICE mikejones

gone mine better get yours mikejones

yessssss Ryan

I also will be ordering this week and will post honest review. Ryan

I will be ordering this week and will post honest review. DankMemes

This is da shit boy\i fisherman

test fisherman

testing Testing this fourm

Just wanting to see if this goes through. If does this is a trusted forum. Do not know about service.. yet testing

test hoegirl

hellow ..test101 hoegirl

just testing the page. nonameman

testing iiol

Just got my 4th package of $25k. Ive been ordering it weekly. I broke up with my girlfriend and only get high end hookers now.

I love this stuff. its legit and this is where people get rich online highhopes

Ive been ordering the $10k package every week or so and now I just ordered $100k for $5,000 usd. Kind of nervous but I trust these guys. Their legit even though there are alot of scams online. hoegirl

it worked .. redkid33

great service! Money happy

Anyone part of the $25,000 a week club? HELL YEA:) Tom

I get $25k every week!

Living the good life! 100k Club

They will send up to $100k a week for $5,000 in bitcoin. They dont offer it on the website but thats the maximum they will send. I ordered it last week and it just arrived today. Onyx

it works! Castles

Testing that this goes through! A bit skeptical. Onyx

checking to see if I can comment Anonymous

I hope this isn’t Snake Oil. Geeby

just got the cash in the mail. it feels good to stick it to the MAN. $10k richer. hellion

placed my order last and got a tracking confirmation 10 hours later. kind of slow response time right? followed the tracking until it showed up today. I ordered the $5,000 package and he gave me $5,500 which is nice. “ace” with cash is king makes lots of stupid jokes but i got my cash. he can keep his jokes to himself in the future. just keep sending me the money and shut the hell up cheeseballer

test Porn Expert

Just sent them my bitcoin and shipping info and am awaiting a response. I hope they don’t take too long to mail me back because it’s been a day. I swear if I get that cash in the mail I’m gonna shit my pants. lemonandapaair

testing testing, will my comment show up? PamperedFlea

If the comments/review section here is by real customers, why doesn’t anyone use dates so we can get comfortable knowing when the last order was successfully made? C’mon people! Add the date to when you post a review here so potential customers will see that you had a great order processed. Anonymous

This shit is real guys, its all over the deep net forums.

10/19/16 123456

Testing Lets See

Get the feeling this is awesome:) Package 1 day away says the tracking jonesing

ordered 3 days ago. paid for overnight shipping, just got $2,500 cash in the mail today. Cullen

Hey, these guys still operating? Money Man

placed an order on 10/17/16
Shipping info received through email on 10/18/16
Package arrived 10/20/16
Ordered the $10,000 package
Bills are in good condition, deposited $3,000 at the bank without any issues.

-East Coast USA live_it_up

what email should i use to place my order?! Prospect

Mic Check 1, 2… shyman

hi please can i order from Africa P.T.A. Activist

I HOPED this was a scam but then I got cash in the mail. DO YOU REALIZE THIS BUSINESS IS RUINING THE US ECONOMY? When cash that is marked for shredding is reintroduced into the economy it devalues the US currency. DO NOT BUY!!! DO NOT BUY!!! You are ruining the US Nation! They will really send you money and it will slowly ruin this nation! I cant believe this website exists. Only the government can save us now. I hope the federal reserve catches you and STOPS YOU.


hi am waiting to here from Cashking Cash is King AdminPost author

Hey everyone we screen comments because a few of you know our names because we drop cash off to you VIP clients in person. Obviously we dont want our names (even though their fake) being posted accidentally.

P.T.A. Activist – Go screw yourself. You wrote that review and then ordered more cash. You hypocrite.

shyman – Yes we will ship to Africa through DHL but it may take a while.

live_it_up – You can order by emailing “”

Cash Is King
10/21/16 Cash is King AdminPost author

All – due to the large amount of orders we are adding the “Master” package – $5,000 for $100,000 in pre-shred. We are also removing the “Tester” package. We feel this is a step in the right direction because we cant keep up with the volume of packages we are having to send.

Thank you all for your continued support to our community!!

Cash is King Cullen

I’ll give you guys a shot, please don’t screw me though. Or at least buy me dinner first DA03

testing. very interested 47|_42

|-|0p1N9 70 B|_|`/ P|-|.-0|\/| 7|-|15 5173 4n|) |_|23 7|-|3 |_3\|/7 70 7.-4|)3 p|-|0.- B17(01N5. |_|23 7|-|@ 5|-|17 70 b|_|`/ |-|3|_|_4 1P|-|0n35 4N|) 3|_3(7.-0N1(5 p|-|.-0|\/| 7|-|3 |-|1|)|)3N \|/. .-3p3@ P.-0(355. 99 |-|0P 17 \|/0.->< TheWatcher22

Well they received my bitcoins and then I got $5,000 in the mail. Kicking myself in the ass now for not buying a bigger package with more cash. Oh well,live and learn I guess. next order will be $10,000 fuck u

seems that college student writes the same comment on many review sections Lazlo Savon

Hi i read all of the views, im kind of weary because i noticed a pattern of “:)” everywhere. if this comment does not go through. ill have my answer Lazlo

why is there a “:)” in most comments. hmmm. Il still want to give this a try. Hope it works Jeff

Just want to see if this is real… test comment only. Fogul

Email response was average about 48 hour response time. But I paid and got my cash. Shocking & suprised I almost thought this wasnt real. Scarface

Is this real? If it’s real I’m in heaven. Thewatcher22

These guys take care of me. Haaarambayyy

JFK got billed

Testing. Anonymous

Placed order the other day. And email response was quick, sent payment & got shipping info. the package looks like it will be here 10/25/16 sdb bsdc

hfvbsvhdsv Cash is King AdminPost author

Cullen – Good joke bro we’ll take care of you
Haaarambayyy – JFK was killed by the US government – just ask yourself “Who Benefited from his death”
Lazlo Savon – maybe people put smiley faces because their happy? Or maybe its because everyone on the dark net smokes weed? I dont know?

Cash is King
10/23/16 ExploitsMe

I’m going to give it a try by this week! fecal

I have gotten scammed twice in the black market.

I am a Life long Cash Kings customer. They are for real. Extra

Got $10,000 in the mail!!!

And a BONUS $350! ³Black¶haraoh

Hopefully this works I really need the money man
I see a lot of good reviews
Stay away from The PayPal cent and the green machine both are scamming(got scammed twice in the black market already this shit is crazy man)
I shall post again once I have enough money to buy rookie package
-Nyc all day nigga peace BlackPharaoh

test 2?
hopefully this is legit
once i have enough for rookie package
i will buy it and come back ,let ya know DNG

I sent them my bitcoin and order info and I’m still waiting for a response 2 days later…. but I trust them, they’re probably busy. Porn Expert

I got the money in the mail. I shit my paints just like I said I would last week.

I could make love to you right now ExploitsMe

Test. S

Test comment b/c shit keeps timing out Anonymous

got more cash in the mail. Sometimes they send me extra cash sometimes not.


What a fucking scumbag. The overnight shipping somehow took 2 days. I PAID for overnight shipping not F****** 2 days SLOW shipping. toreal

got the rookie package now i am going to order the semi pro hopefully this is legit and not a Ponzi scheme Forreal

Is this for real? Yotoyo

Testing 123. Yo SupahBeulah

toreal I also was wondering if this was a ponzi scheme. But I got $5,000 in the Fedex. Awesome. SupahBeulah


What’s going on man? I got a really beat to hell $10’s bill. Did I pay for $590 or $600? Do the right thing and send me ANOTHER $10 bill man. Anonymous

Ordered on 10/18/16 and got the $1,200 in the mail. BUT I got herpies from it…. jk. no herpies… OR am i kidding? 90Baby

If ya can see it, from now on post ya reviews with dates Ass Holes

Ordered 4 days ago, and it should arrive tomorrow. A little slower than I hoped. Tracking is legit. Looking for money

, is this legit?
Got Scammed alot of times in the deep web.
Is all the money 100% real? don bot

test lucky

Cash Kings you told me i would get extra but I only got 5,500. I thought I was going to get a full $1,000 exta? Can you send me another $500 please? I’ll be your most loyal customer but send me more cash for free please. FLUCK

Hey “looking for money” its legit but they sure do take a while. It sometimes takes 24-48 hours for them to respond. Sometimes it takes 2 days to get their “Overnight” packages. Kind of shady if you ask me. They should offer better service. ffffff





anyone want to see a picture of my penis? John Snow

Testing 10/25/16 GOOMER

A service that WORKS. No bs. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Dont be scared you will feel better when you get cash in the mail GOOMER

Cool lamaquinitanyc?

hey wassuo thist shit work? Jarrach

Biggest cash producer for me ever fdsad


THNK U Some Fat guy

This has got to be too good to be true. Some one want to let me know if its real or nah. I HAVE

Ok we all know this site is legit… but how many of you use the cash to wipe your own anus? Anyone?


is this real? Anonymous

I Sent them Payment and it took 4 days for the cash to arrive.

Fuck You Guys!! Quag

I sent payment and ordered 3 days ago. Paid for overnight shipping and got $5,000 from Ace. This is Def legit. received tracking number. it come, I jizzed in my pants Cid

Lit Something on my junk

Hey everyone I have a fungal growth on my vagina. Does anyone know what it is? I can send photos. TThecakeboss

Wassip wid it Richer

I order $100,000 every other week for 2 times now. I simply cannot believe this is true. I thought it was counterfeit but it deposited in a bank! turtle man

Just got my 3rd order of $10,000.

I ALWAYS get SO nervous after each order but it always comes. Anonymous

I am starting a Dark Web Website called “OBESE Butt Lovers”. Featuring massively overweight ladies butts. Like so fat they cant stand up.

Any interest from this Community? WOW


i put my money in 3 days ago into the escrow service. Got my FAT STACK of cash today. I couldnt believe it. I absolutely couldnt believe it.

The stack of cash was like 2 inches high. 2 INCHES forever 21

i placed my order yesterday even though I thought it was a scam. Then I got my tracking #, it shows it arrives tomorrow! SO EXCITED Anonymous

i put my money into an escrow service and got the cash in the mail

This is the darknet working like it should. Anonymous


test review Neverland

WoW! Thecakeboss

Www Kanye East

does this work? CdotCash

Testing testing… Checking to see if its real cashman

Yo i get the cash just in time on friday before the weekend! SeeDotCash

Yoo… Is this thing on??? Pie_force

Duuuude this works well DW3

I will be placing an order just as soon as I get some bitcoins. Is it possible to use an escrow service for the first transaction? jhsdfkjzdhgkjzshdg

jhadffjkhsadfkjhgdsfa papaSmurf1901

testing comment section :> Montana

Test pissed off pedo


Dont depend on getting extra cash. I’ve only got extra cash 2 out of my 5 orders. ed

I cant believe I got the pre-shred. I cant believe it.
I just used it to buy food. Unbelievable. typer


Placed order, received email back within a couple of hours (I send email really late at night, my bad). Sent what was needed – will update when product received. 🙂 Shipping notification received and I’m just watching it come to me.. 10-28-16 fuck you

fuck you. You didnt send me any EURO only USD CASH. I wanted Euro NOT united states of america worthless money… mother fuckers Ron Burgundy

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means ‘a whale’s vagina. seth rogan

I love Hillary Clinton not because of her policies but because I think she would look fantastic naked. Bill Clinton got a good deal with that one.

Oh and I love the cash from this website!